Experiments in Painting

Some experiments—that weren’t the best

After the success of a early morning mist painting of a Polish church steeple, I tried a painting of a foggy morning over the river that runs through Krakow. When finished, it looked more like a grey scale flat image. I need some other techniques before this can look the way I want.


The next image shows an attempt to capture the energy and movement of the Sky Train in Bangkok. I loved the lines and the geometry of the site and wondered if I could capture the feel of the place with acrylics. I didn’t. I like the idea of laying out everything carefully, but when it came down to the image it felt static and grey. I did however love the results of the buildings in the background. I like how faint they appear, a suggestion that they are there. Still, I need some other approach, which I might figure out someway.


This last painting is of a cool doorway in Bangkok’s Chinatown. This whole area of the city evokes an old feel, exotic, with narrow alleyways hiding tiny shops. I tried it with a pallet knife and loved the texture it created, carrying through the rough character of the buildings and the age of the place. The perspective got off though as the building looks like it is growing wider at the top. Still, I love the colors and the texture, so I’ll come back to the method again for this kind of painting.


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