Landscape and creating distance

I watched a video on YouTube showing how to paint a landscape using a pallet knife. I hadn’t used a pallet knife and I also liked his results at making the far distance seem much further back than the foreground, and I also liked his treatment of the water in the foreground. So I have it a go.

One criticism I got later for this painting is that the greens look like they are from a tube. A year later, I can see now what she saw, so I think my perception is getting better, especially as I am not confident in my ability to distinguish colors, partly because I am a bit color blind and as I am learning, I have been lazy in observing the nuances of color. The browns of the trees to the right and the little island in the front left foreground caused me some problems. But there it is.


The second painting here is from a photograph of the border between Thailand and Laos. I tried to put my new skills to the greens and the water. I wanted the water to have ripples and to be somewhat choppy. I also used browns and yellows some for the first time. Expanding the pallet a small bit at a time, makes it easier for me to learn more, rather than taking on too much. I was very pleased with the feeling and shapes of the clouds, and the distance the fading blues make, but now I see it only as an exercise. 9