Now that you have clicked on that ABOUT button, you are certainly expecting some rich and deep information related to this blog’s author or something or another. I don’t want to disappoint, but I am not sure just what your expectation was. In short order, I can say that I’ve finished university, attempted a short round of Theological school, and bounced from Hungary, to Michigan, to Thailand, to Georgia, to Thailand and to Korea. That’s taken me 20 years. I don’t know where I’ll end up in the next 20, but I am ready for the ride.

I’ve read at least one small library of books, and I’ve started on a second–there seems to be no end to the books I want to read. I started playing the banjo and cello in the same year. No plans for a recording. Ever. I’ve been drawing ever since I found middle school dull and tried passing the time in doodles. My doodles have gotten more sophisticated, but nothing that will hang in a museum. Not till they make a doodles museum.

I really love teaching. I love talking shop. I live for the moment when I see that light in my student’s eyes when they get something for the first time–or when they express that thought that has lingered on the fringes of their mind–and finally comes clear.

I live for optimism and hope.

This is me looking thoughtful about deep subjects.


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